ELO Drinking Water - Drinking Guide
  1. How much ELO Drinking Water should I be consuming every day?
  2. Adults: at least 4 to 6 glasses (ie. 750ml to 1.5 litres) over the course of a day.

    Children: at least 50% of their daily drinking water requirements over the course of a day. For example, if your child normally drinks 4 cups of water a day, at least 2 of those cups should be of ELO Drinking Water.

    Infants: Please consult your paediatrician as to how much water your baby or infant should consume.

    Pets: 30 to 50ml/kg depending on the animal’s general health and activity level over the course of a day. For example, if your pet weighs 5kg, it should consume between 150ml to  250ml of ELO Drinking Water over the course of a day.

  1. How long do I have to drink to see the effects of ELO Drinking Water?
  2. On average, most of our customers have seen an effect after 3 months of continual daily consumption. While we have received many positive reports and feedback from consumers about improvement of health, we are not claiming that ELO Drinking Water is able to benefit specific medical conditions until our clinical trial results are available.

  1. Should I replace my day’s intake of water entirely with ELO Drinking Water?
  2. While it is perfectly fine to do that, there is no need to fulfill your daily water requirements solely with ELO Drinking Water. Daily water intake for an adult is recommended at 2 to 3 litres, depending on activity levels. You may supplement your ELO Drinking Water intake with other types of water or beverages to fulfill this daily requirement.

  1. Are there any restrictions as to who can drink ELO Drinking Water?
  2. ELO Drinking Water may improve the function of all cells in your body, including immune cells. A healthy immune system will reject the existence of foreign tissue inside our bodies e.g. bacteria, viruses and foreign organ. As a precaution, persons who are on water restriction due to medical conditions (e.g. heart failure, renal failure) should always consult their doctors on how much ELO Drinking Water they can drink per day.

  1. Can I boil or microwave ELO Drinking Water before drinking?
  2. No, boiling and microwaving will cause ELO Drinking Water to lose its oxygen content.

  1. Can I keep ELO Drinking Water in the fridge to chill before drinking?
  2. Yes, ELO Drinking Water can be served chilled.

  1. Can I freeze ELO Drinking Water?
  2. It is best not to freeze ELO Drinking Water because the oxygen stability may be affected by freezing. It is also not advisable to mix ELO Drinking Water with other beverages, even as ice cubes.

  1. Can I mix ELO Drinking Water with milk powder?
  2. No, it is not advisable because mixing ELO Drinking Water with other substances may affect its oxygen stability.

  1. Can I make coffee/ tea/ other beverages with ELO Drinking Water?
  2. No. Do not make beverages with ELO Drinking Water as these ingredients can potentially destabilize the oxygen and cause ELO Drinking Water to lose its oxygen content.

  1. What is ELO Drinking Water?
  2. ELO Drinking Water is water that is produced in Singapore utilising a revolutionary treatment system which produces drinking water which has a rich yet stable oxygen content.  Oxygen in such a stable and bound form is easily absorbed by the body.  ELO Drinking Water is preservative and additive free, and is the result of more than 10 years of water science developed in Europe.

  1. Why is oxygen important to the human body?
  2. Oxygen is essential to all bodily functions and for our cells to generate the energy needed in all healthy cell functions.  Low oxygen levels in the human body (a condition known as “hypoxia”) has been shown to cause poor cell function and even cell death, which is associated with numerous health challenges such as stroke, heart attack, respiratory diseases, dementia, alcoholic fatty liver, diabetes and cancer.

  1. What studies have been conducted on ELO Drinking Water?
  2. In 2016, a study was conducted by Monash University into the effects of ELO Drinking Water on tumour hypoxia and tumour growth in a mouse tumour xenograft.  This study involved mice that were injected with prostate cancer cells.  The study showed that the oxygen in ELO Drinking Water, when consumed, was absorbed to reduce tissue hypoxia.  It was also shown that the prostate cancer growth in the mice that consumed ELO Drinking Water was inhibited.  These beneficial effects were again verified in a repeat study also conducted by Monash University.

    We have also embarked on human clinical trials with SingHealth Polyclinics to evaluate if ELO Drinking Water can help prevent the development of diabetes in women with high diabetes risk.  In parallel, we are also working with Changi General Hospital to investigate the effects of ELO water in diabetes management.

  1. Is there a risk of increasing free radicals (contributing to oxidative stress) by consuming ELO Drinking Water?
  2. It is established science that all cells require a certain level of free radicals to perform their normal function.  In healthy cells, the level of free radicals is tightly regulated by two natural control systems known as the oxidant and antioxidant systems.  Hypoxia (low oxygen levels) produces excessive free radicals in cells, thereby upsetting the required balance.  Healthy cells with sufficient oxygen are able to maintain a healthy level of free radicals.

    In 2011, the National Institute of Chemical Safety in Budapest, Hungary, conducted a study on showed that ELO water did not increase the free radicals in the body, and in fact improved the total antioxidant capacity of the cells.

ELO Drinking Water - Storage
  1. What is the shelf life of ELO Drinking Water?
  2. ELO Drinking Water has a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacture date.

  1. What is the temperature range to store ELO Drinking Water?
  2. Always store ELO Drinking Water at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Heat and prolonged exposure of ELO Drinking Water to direct sunlight may affect the stability of the oxygen.

  1. How long or how many days can ELO Drinking Water remain effective after the bottle is opened?
  2. Once opened, please consume the entire bottle of ELO Drinking Water within 24 hours for maximum effectiveness. An opened, recapped bottle of ELO Drinking Water is still able to retain its oxygen content for up to 3 days when stored in a cool place.

  1. Is there a recycling programme for the empty ELO bottles?
  2. ELO Water currently does not have its own customised recycling programme for empty ELO plastic bottles. To help conserve the environment, kindly dispose of the empty plastic bottles in your neighbourhood recycling bins and we thank you for doing your part in helping the environment.

ELO Skincare User Guide (coming soon)
ELO Skincare Storage (coming soon)
  1. What is an ELO Session?
  2. ELO Water with a dissolved oxygen content of between 140 to 150 ppm is used for ELO Sessions. Warmed to a soothing and comfortable temperature of 37 to 38 degrees Celsius, each 50-minute ELO Session delivers a positive, relaxing effect on the body while oxygen is absorbed through the skin to enhance body tissue oxygen levels. Having adequate tissue oxygenation is necessary for healing and good health.

  1. How often should I go for ELO Sessions?
  2. Each ELO Session lasts for 50 minutes.

    For the ELO Sessions to have an optimum effect, we usually recommend that our customers enjoy their ELO Sessions in a minimum of 3 consecutive cycles, with each cycle consisting of daily ELO Sessions over 14 consecutive days, with a gap of 10 days between cycles.

    We make this recommendation based on the experience gathered over the past 10 years in Hungary by the medical doctors who are behind the ELO technology.  Any disruption to a cycle could compromise the benefits of the ELO Sessions.

  1. Is it possible to not consume my ELO Sessions in cycles of 14 consecutive days?
  2. While our recommendation for full optimal effect is for ELO Sessions to be enjoyed in cycles of 14 consecutive days, it is certainly possible for our customers to book their ELO Sessions according to their convenience, and it is certainly possible to enjoy an ELO Session as and when you feel the need for an oxygen “boost”, such as when you are experiencing jet lag.

  1. There is a gap of 10 days in between each cycle. Why is this necessary?
  2. Our experience has shown that this interval is necessary to allow the body to restore itself to optimise body functions.

  1. Is there anything I should keep in mind before ELO bath?
    1. For optimal results, we recommend all customers to start drinking ELO Drinking Water for at least a week before starting on ELO Sessions so that their body tissue can gradually adjust to the increasing oxygen content.

    If you are unwell with serious medical conditions, or if you have any other medical queries, we recommend that you consult your medical doctor as to whether you should take or continue with your ELO Sessions, and if necessary, please obtain a letter from your doctor to state that you are fit for the ELO Sessions. Bringing a companion to help you during your session is also recommended if you are unwell or you are experiencing mobility issues.

    Customers who have eczema may experience a temporary flare up of their eczema after a few ELO Sessions.  However, you have any concern about this, please seek the advice of your physician before continuing with the ELO Sessions.

  1. Can I stay in the bath for longer than 50 minutes?
  2. The findings of the Hungarian medical doctors are that 50 minutes is the optimal time for tissue oxygenation. Remaining longer in the bath does not increase the benefits you derive from it.

  1. Can I drink the water in bathtub?
  2. It is not recommended to drink the water in the bathtub.  ELO Drinking Water will be provided at the ELO Lab before and after your ELO Session.

  1. Can I add anything in the water such as bath soap?
  2. No, you can’t.

  1. Any limitations to ELO Session?
  2. For their safety and that of others, customers with the conditions listed below are restricted from taking an ELO Session:

      1. Customers who just had surgery 2 weeks prior to the ELO Session;
      2. Customers with open bleeding wounds;
      3. Customers with an infectious disease, for e.g. chicken pox;
      4. Customers with a psychotic mental illness;
      5. Customers who are intoxicated with alcohol;
      6. Customers with epilepsy;
      7. Customers with severe mobility issues; and
      8. Customers who are experiencing menses.
  1. Can I take a shower right after ELO Session?
  2. Yes, you may, but it is not necessary because ELO Water already has a cleansing effect on your skin.

  1. Is there an age limit for users of ELO Session?
  2. No. However, customers who are under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by their parent or adult guardian.

  1. Are there any possible side effects and symptoms during/ after ELO Session?
  2. Undergoing ELO Sessions have no known side effects and a majority of users do not experience any symptoms. However, individuals vary in their perceived symptoms.  Some symptoms as listed below:

    a. Pressure on the chest
    Users who are not accustomed to baths may feel this. While you are immersed in the bath, you may feel a slight pressure on your chest. This is normal for all water immersions and is due to the water pressure exerted on your chest. After a while, as you adjust to being submerged in the water, this sensation will be less obvious.

    b. Drowsiness
    Some users may feel relaxed and drowsy after an ELO Session. If you feel too drowsy, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

    c. Perspiration
    Perspiration is quite normal after soaking in a warm bath.

    d. Skin itch
    Most people do not experience this. However, if you have any allergies and if you do experience any skin itch, please consult your doctor before continuing with more ELO Sessions.

  1. Is there a validity period for each cycle purchased?
  2. ELO Session packages for one to three cycles are available as follows:

    • One cycle: 14 ELO Sessions, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
    • Two cycles: 28 ELO Sessions, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
    • Three cycles: 42 ELO Sessions, valid for 24 months from the date of purchase
  1. Are the package(s) purchased transferrable? And what is the validity period for the transferred package(s)?
  2. A package can only be transferred once, and the transferee is subject to a health consultation to ensure he/ she is fit for ELO Session before the transfer can be effected.  The validity of the transferred package will adopt the same validity as the purchased package.

  1. Is it possible to have more than one ELO Session a day?
  2. Yes, it is possible, and some of our customers do in fact take up to 3 ELO Sessions a day.

  1. Where can I purchase ELO products and ELO Session packages?
  2. ELO products and ELO Session packages are available online at www.elowatershop and at ELO Lab, City Square Mall. After purchasing ELO Session packages, registration process is necessary at ELO Lab and subject to a health consultation.

  1. What are the payment methods?
  2. All payments made at www.elowatershop.com have to be made via Stripe. You may pay via your existing Debit or Credit Cards (Visa/ MasterCard/ AMEX).

    All payments at ELO Lab can be made by cash, NETS, Visa, Master, AMEX and available in-store instalment plans (for transactions above $500).

  1. What is the delivery charge?
  2. For orders with ELO Drinking Water, a delivery charge of $30.00 (incl. GST) is applicable, unless otherwise stated.

    For orders with ELO Skincare products only, delivery charge is waived.

  1. What is the typical delivery lead-time upon placement of order?
  2. We will arrange for the delivery within 3 to 4 working days.

  1. What is the minimum order for free delivery?
  2. For orders with ELO Drinking Water ONLY:
    Delivery is free to one location for orders with a minimum order of 10 packs (60 bottles of 1.5 litres water, 120 bottles of 750ml water,  120 bottles of 450ml water or a mixture of 10 packs of 1.5 litre,750ml and 450ml ELO Drinking Water).  For orders less than 10 packs, a delivery charge of $30.00 (incl. GST) will be charged.

    For orders with ELO Skincare products ONLY:
    Delivery is free to one location in Singapore regardless of quantity ordered.

    For orders with BOTH ELO Drinking Water and ELO Skincare products:
    Delivery charges scheme for ELO Drinking Water shall take precedence.

    Below examples for illustration:

    Order Quantity ELO Drinking Water 1.5L ELO Drinking Water 750ml ELO Skincare Products Delivery Charge
    (incl. GST)
    Customer A 2 packs 3 packs 10 packs $30.00
    Customer B 13 packs 2 packs 0 pack Free delivery
    Customer C 2 packs 7 packs 1 pack $30.00
    Customer D 8 packs 1 pack 7 packs $30.00
    Customer E 8 packs 2 packs 3 packs Free delivery

    If you would like to have multiple delivery locations, charges will apply for the second delivery address onwards.

  1. Is self-collection mode available? If so, where can I collect my purchases from?
  2. The self-collection addresses are as follows:

    1. Hyflux Customer Service Centre
    Hyflux Innovation Centre
    80 Bendemeer Road
    Singapore 339949

    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm. (excluding Public Holidays)
    Kindly be advised that our lunch hour is between 12:00pm to 2:00pm, hence please avoid collection during this time.

    2. ELO Lab, City Square Mall
    180 Kitchener Road #03-03/09 Singapore 208539
    Monday to Sunday, 8:30am to 7:00pm (excluding Public Holidays)


  1. What are the delivery time-slots available for selection? Do you deliver on Weekends and/ or Public Holidays?
  2. The delivery time-slots for selection are listed below. Our Customer Service Officer will send an SMS to the mobile number you provided within the next 3 to 4 working days with a proposed delivery schedule. If you would like to rearrange the delivery schedule , please give us a call with your preferred date and time.

    Monday to Friday
    (excl. Public Holidays)
    Saturday Sundays/ Public Holidays
    9:00am – 1:00pm 9:00am – 1:00pm No Delivery
    2:00pm – 6:00pm No Delivery
    7:00pm – 10:30pm
  1. Do you deliver to any location?
  2. We provide delivery services to most parts of Singapore with the exception of the areas below:

    • Airport Logistics Park of Singapore
    • Any Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)
    • Changi Airfreight Centre
    • Changi Airport Transit Lounge
    • Free Trade Zone compound
    • Jurong Port Island
    • Mindef Comcentre
  1. Do you deliver out of Singapore?
  2. At the current moment, we only deliver to locations within Singapore.

  1. Can I reschedule my delivery if I have missed the delivery?
  2. You may reschedule your delivery but a redelivery charge of $30.00 (incl. GST) will apply. You can also opt for self-collection at our Hyflux Customer Service Centre.