““ELO gives me a new burst of life!””
— Anna Chromy, Artist, Sculptor
World-renowned artist, sculptor and ELO Water Ambassador Anna Chromy is on a mission to share the beauty, kindness and truth through her artwork and sculptures. The first and only female winner of the prestigious Premio Michelangelo Prize and recipient of the coveted Europe Foundation Kafka, Salvador Dali and Masaryk awards, Anna is also the founder of the Conscience Institute, which was established to educate the world about the values of peace, non-violence and living with positivity.

The Cloak of Conscience, easily her most famous monument, is the central icon of Anna’s message of conscience living and the timeless symbol of unity and solidarity for current and future generations. The spectacular marble rendition of the Cloak of Conscience is notably Anna’s much-celebrated masterpiece; the four-metre monolith, carved from pure white marble, is harvested from Cave Michelangelo in Carrara, Italy. Said to be a rare gift of nature, it shares the birthplace of famed sculptor Michelangelo’s many masterpieces and was created from the largest block of marble ever worked on in history. The Cloak of Conscience exudes a mesmerising presence that radiates with the energies of harmony between all of nature. The essence of the cloak is felt from its interior, an artfully secluded space within the structure which prompts its inhabitant to contemplate his inner self with peace and approach a conscience way of thinking.

For Anna, her creative expression is often spontaneous and volcanic, and moreover as a sculptor, the art form is both mentally and physically intensive. Due to her anaemic condition, which she developed since childhood, her work was a challenge to keep up with. However the famed sculptor was eventually introduced to using ELO Water to boost her energy levels and maintain her health and vitality, and she has not looked back since.

“When I started drinking ELO Water, I noticed a change very quickly. I immediately got a burst of energy and felt younger,” said Anna, who now drinks ELO Water exclusively every day and regularly soaks in ELO baths. “This boost in my health also showed up in my blood tests as well, and now I have healthy red blood cells and I’m not anaemic anymore. ELO gives me a new burst of life!”

To find out more about Anna’s work, visit www.annachromy.com

About Anna Chromy

Born in Bohemia and raised in Austria, Anna now lives in France where she studied painting at the Beaux Arts and Academy de la Grande Chaumière, and rubbed shoulders with Salvador Dali and other notable artists. It was not until after an accident which rendered her unable to paint for six years that Anna turned to sculpture and begun her second wave of artistic expression, churning out over 50 sculptures displayed worldwide and has since made an indelible mark in the artistic zeitgeists of Europe and China.

Testament to Anna’s work is acknowledgement by prominent art lovers and luminaries alike, including H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Archbishop of Salzburg, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, the Director of the National Museum of China Chen Luchen, the President of the City Sculptor Association of China and Director of the National Art Museum of China Wu Weishan. Also widely-recognised as an influencer of China’s art scene, Anna was the first artist from the West to hold a personal exhibition in the National Museum of China, and has held seven exhibitions in the country since her debut in 2005. She is now an Honorary Fellow of the National Sculpture Association of China and holds the record for the largest number of public sculptures for a western artist.